Military Guard Dog History and Uses

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Published: 14th December 2010
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From the meaning from Random House Dictionary, a guard dog is widely used to protect against or simply look out for dangerous or unusual intruders (animals, men and women, circumstances, and so on.). This dog should also be aware enough to recognize common individuals and things.

Trained pups are, of course, nothing unique to the human society. Canines with people possess a extensive record of cooperation as well as teamwork.

Some of the initial functions of dogs were that of military dogs in ancient empires and armies. Several of these dogs were chain-mailed plus donned with spiked dog collars and several other components to assist in war.

Between the Romans to the Huns to the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Persians, each and every empire has had its share of knowledgeable guard dogs to accompany its armies.

Primarily after technology improved, and fire-arms and other innovations took over as main weaponry, did dogs largely see the way out military combat. Just very little success has been acquire using guard dogs in modern day societies.

Guard dogs began to be used mostly as transportation gadgets pertaining to explosive payloads. By way of example, the Soviet Union made use of guard dogs to deliver explosives on the under-sides of German tanks. But with the dogs’ wherewithal to distinguish between soldiers for differing armies throughout the madness from the contemporary battleground, the dogs began to end up a lot more useless.

Not surprisingly, the dying of the dog ( very inhumane) also added towards the issues involving retaining guard dogs in modern armies.

The actual roles of guard dogs have improved considerably in this modern world. The breeds used have changed, in addition to the actual reason for usage. Canines are actually employed more often for intelligence uses in modern armies.

From the canines’ capability to follow snipers to the use of the canines as messengers ( specifically in the course of the Seven Years’ War), canines have uncovered a superb position to be utilized in modern day military society.

From the Molossian breed of historic times, to the Mastiffs utilized by the British, to the modern-day preferred German Shepherd, armies have favored a variety of dog breeds over time.

The actual German Shepherd has seen its position at the top since the early 1900s. This specific breed swiftly obtained liking throughout Europe and then the Americas after they had been earlier bred throughout Germany for their intelligence expertise.

Germany was the top dog (pun intended) any time it came to guard dog breeds and instruction. That is actually the reason why even today, nearly all superb guard dogs have German origins. The Germans made the best of their dogs’ talents, particularly the German Shepherd, slowly evolving them to be trained younger and younger, simpler and simpler.

This caused the us to embark on its "Million-Dollar Dog Program" to match up to the Germans' success of guard dog training. Because the war concluded, nonetheless, so did the program.

These days, German breeds are generally thrown into training within 5 to six months. This is the reason german shepherds are the desired dog breeds.

Also, the military is not the sole organization that makes use of guard dogs, particularly German breeds. You, me and your neighbor like the company and authority of a fine quality guard dog.

Guard dogs are not entirely for military use anymore. And that is much better to most of us.


Zane Folse is a contributing editor at The Guard Dog Training Headquarters where he writes about guard dog training and other topics.

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